Stop Smoking With Lollipops

"You could try and stop smoking with lollipops"
"That would never work…would it?"
"Well, it seemed to work for Kojak"
"Right… wait, what?"

Ah yes, The old Kojak “stop smoking with lollipops” idea. We hear it here at Candy Creek all the time. Well, maybe we don’t hear it all the time but we wish more people realized, a la Kojak, that lollipops can be a delicious and cost effective alternative to smoking those unhealthy cigarettes.

When the Surgeon General warned about the dangers of smoking in 1964 far fewer people took the idea that cigarettes are dangerous as serious as we do today. People looked to stop smoking with lollipops early on, it was a natural choice for a substitute. Sweet and crave-able, plus it gave you something to do with your hands.

Smoking was still seen as a very normal and cool thing to do prior to the Surgeon General’s warning. Cigarette ads were commonly seen on television in ads until they were banned in 1971. Telly Savalas’ character smoked sporadically throughout the the series but made references to his use of lollipops as an effort to quit. That might not seem like a big deal but in the mid 70’s Kojak was the pinnacle of manliness and toughness and helped make trying to quit smoking cool.

There aren’t many things as difficult as trying to stop smoking. With lollipops you have something delicious to help tame those cravings. We’ve had many reviews from our customers about how our delicious and cost effective lollipops have helped them quit. With an abundance of flavors to choose from in regular and sugar free we have something for everyone. Candy Creek is here to help… who loves ya baby (sorry, couldn’t help it)