Our Story - Candy Creek Lollipops

Lollipops = Smiles

In the late 1990s I had been working the same 9-5 office job for close to 10 years. On my way home one day, I stopped into my local bank - a place I usually did not like, especially after a long day at work - to make a discovery that would change my life.

Lollipops on a shelf

Once inside the bank, I noticed each teller had a bowl of lollipops at their counter. This instantly sparked joy and I felt a rare child-like excitement at the sight of the colorful pops. As I waited my turn, I couldn’t help but also notice other bank customers walking past with smiles on their faces and lollipops in hand. When it was finally my turn at the counter, I wasted no time picking out a lollipop. After my transaction was complete, I thanked the teller with a smile and placed the lollipop in my mouth as I headed back out to the parking lot. To my dismay, the lollipop had very little flavor and left a horrible aftertaste in my mouth. I thought to myself, “Why can’t someone make a lollipop for this purpose that actually tastes good?” It was at this very moment the idea for Candy Creek was born.

Fast forward to today

Candy Creek has been in business for over 20 years. We have established ourselves as the go-to lollipop supplier for banks, offices, schools and many other establishments by being the best in four key principles: taste, quality, consistency, and presentation.

Recently we’re excited to announce that after an overwhelming amount of requests we’re expanding beyond selling just bulk lollipops to now offer lollipops in smaller 1.5 lb (sugar pops) and 1 lb (sugar-free pops) packages. These family sized bags are a great way to bring the same lollipops you give away at the office home for your family and friends to enjoy.

Expansion to Sugar-Free:

If you have been searching for a truly delicious sugar-free AND guilt free treat, then we have you covered. In our initial production of lollipops we quickly started looking for a sugar-free product to bring to market as well. Of course, taste and quality were the two most imporant variables for us and we finaly ended up wiht a sugar substitute, isomalt, made from 100% beet juice. Isomalt gives us the taste and mouth feel we where looking for and also didn't leave us with the bad aftertaste many artificial sweetners provide. We are proud to say that many people can't tell the difference between our sugar and sugar-free lollipops

The Future of Candy Creek:

What does the future hold for Candy Creek Lollipops? That's a great question and while we don't have the answer to what our next flavor or pop will be, we guarantee we will be shipping smiles for years to come. Follow us on Social Media to join us for the ride!