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Candy Creek Custom Lollipops

Candy Creek Lollipops Customized for Your Brand

Looking for a fun and cost effective promotion for your large business, product, or service? Candy Creek custom lollipops are a great option. We will work with you to create custom flavors and colors that match your brand and finish them off with wrappers featuring your branded material.

280 Carton Minimum - Our lollipop machine makes about 500 pops per minute and we need to run it for at least one shift for it to be economical. This results in about 5,000 lbs. of candy, or 280 cartons. This is about 290,000 pops in our classic size. Our minimum is high to keep the cost low and make custom lollipops cost effective for your business.

8 Cents Per Pop - Our prices start as low as 8 cents per pop for sugar candy and go up from there based on size.

1-800-636-1299 - Give us a call to discuss your custom project


Looking for less than 280 cartons?

Personalized Lollipops might be for you.


Custom Lollipop Example

Cruz Thru Car Washes - Candy Creek created custom “Lava Pops” for Cruz Thru Car Washes. The Lollipop is based on our oversized paddle pops and features a custom flavor with a lava style design and color combo. The pop also features the Cruz Thru branding on the wrapper.

Cruz Thru Custom Lollipops

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