Doctors Office Lollipops – Is it still okay to offer lollipops?

Is there a better treat than doctors office lollipops as a child? Going to see the family pediatrician or dentist as a child can be unsettling. Knowing that there is a sweet reward on the other side of such a scary experience is sometimes just enough to help a child put on their bravest face and tough it out. And we’re not just saying that because we sell lollipops! Doctors office lollipops have been around a very long time, putting smiles on children’s faces for generations.

In recent years, there has been push back against doctors office lollipops as a reward for a successful office visit. Some parents don’t like the idea of training children to expect candy as a reward. Some, like Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman from Berkley CA, argue to the contrary. He states his reasoning behind giving lollipops to his patients quite nicely in his blog.

"Most of the children in my office are not getting any kind of painful procedure. It’s for them that I think the lollipops are most important. It’s a reward for good behavior, a way of noticing that they did everything right (or even mostly). It is one of the great failures of parenting that we don’t catch our children being good. We point out, sometimes angrily, when they don’t do what we want. But somehow we have the irrational expectation that when they’re doing what they should, they are somehow rewarded for it. In fact, the child can often feel that you’re not noticing them being good, but their misbehavior really gets your attention. In my office, I notice their good behavior, explicitly point out one or two things they did that were good, and reward them for it. Since I can’t give them the most treasured reward—a parent’s attention—I have to get by with candy on a stick. Besides, they taste really good."

That being said, a parents preference on whether or not a treat is offered is important and must be respected. The key is leaving the choice with the parent, and doing so discreetly to avoid any conflict or mid-office child meltdowns!

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