Parade Candy – Is It Still Allowed In Your Town?

Parades and candy go together like mom and apple pie. Tossing parade candy to spectators has been an American tradition as long there has been candy and parades. Countless Americans have fond memories of catching a piece of candy at a parade, so why is the tradition under attack? Parades are pretty great in general and the promise of a sweet treat makes them that much more exciting.

Unfortunately, due to some injuries and accidents the practice of distributing parade candy is under fire. It seems parade organizers, concerned about spectators being hit with parade candy or dodging out into the street to grab the tossed goodies, are putting restrictions on items being distributed during parades. And they should be concerned, safety should always come first. Often time the first reaction to reports of injuries are knee jerk reactions. Abstaining from the practice is an obvious option, but there has to be other choices?

As the debate has rolled on, three clear options have developed:

The Proactive Approach – No distributing items of any kind
Pros – increased safety
Cons – No candy and loss of tradition

The Awareness Approach – Increase awareness of proper parade etiquette
Pros – candy and tradition lives on
Cons – safety issues

The Middle Ground – candy is to be handed out, not thrown
Pros – safety, tradition, and candy!
Cons – some people have to walk and hand out candy?

Seeing as Candy Creek is a candy company we are inclined towards any option that promotes the consumption of candy. Option 3 seems like a great compromise, especially if parade candy distribution is in question. While that may seem self serving, we aren’t in the candy business purely to make money. Candy Creek was founded on the fundamental belief that lollipops put smiles on peoples faces.

Candy Creek prides itself on offering the highest quality, best tasting, and most economical lollipops on the market. Our bulk packages of delicious parade candy are the perfect way to get a lot of great tasting lollipops in peoples hands at your next parade. We even make a lollipop specifically for Memorial Day and 4th of July parades – the Patriot Pop!