Customized Promotional Lollipops – A Unique & Delicious Treat

Give your customers something unique to remember you by. Something that will reinforce a positive association with your business. An item so simple and inexpensive yet highly effective. A small token gesture, so special that your customers will share it with their friends. Customized promotional lollipops from Candy Creek can help you achieve this.

A customized lollipop was perfect for our client Cruz Thru Carwash of California. Cruz Thru came to us looking to promote their “LavaCruz” car wash. We worked closely with Cruz Thru to develop a custom flavor for their lollipop that would taste great and look like lava. The final result was the “Lava Pop”. A 3 color, 2 flavor, oversize lollipop complete with a custom wrapper. Candy Creek worked with Cruz Thru to make the pop look like lava and custom blended strawberry and vanilla flavors together for a very unique lollipop. By combining two different flavored “slugs” of lollipop material together during the manufacturing process, the “Lava Pop” tastes different with every lick. It’s been a huge success and Cruz Thru reports both kids and parents are excited to get their lollipops after their LavaCruz!

Cruz Thru’s custom Lava Pop is a great example of what Candy Creek can make happen with custom promotional lollipops. We offer regular and sugarfree lollipops in a variety of sizes and flavors ranging in price from $.04 per pop for something basic up to 0.30 a lollipop for something really unique. No matter what lollipop you go with it will have a custom wrapper with any logo you choose. Give us a call or fill out the form on our site to get your free quote today.