Soda Shop Inspired Lollipop Flavors

Our collection of Classic Soda Shop pops bring back the flavors of old time soda shop drinks in lollipop form. Our flavors are inspired by classic sodas and flavor combos and include: root beer float, orange float, strawberry banana, pineapple coconut (pina colada), and cherry vanilla.

Before soda was sold as a refreshment, soda water, or carbonated water, was sold by pharmacies as medicine for a variety of ailments. It was believed that naturally occurring mineral water had healing properties, so when soda water was invented in 1767, it was thought to have these same healing properties. Medicine was added to soda water to enhance its benefits for different illnesses, and flavorings were added to improve the taste. People liked these bubbly beverages so much, they began drinking them purely for enjoyment, and thus began the production of soda as a refreshing drink.

Because of the origins of soda water, soda shops originated as pharmacies or apothecaries that slowly transformed into the classic soda shops of the 1900s. Food was added to their menus, which first made them popular hangout spots. In the 1870s, ice cream was added to soda, creating floats, what we think of as classic soda shop drinks.

Our soda shop pops bring back the nostalgic feel of these shops with their bar stools, jukeboxes, checkered floors, and most importantly their cool refreshing ice cream floats.

Rootbeer Float

Indulge in our root beer float lollipops. The refreshing flavor of root beer is swirled together with vanilla creating the creamy and oh so delicious taste of a classic root beer float.

Traditionally, the flavor of root beer comes from the roots and bark of the sassafras plant. Long before root beer was a carbonated beverage, sassafras drinks were made by indigenous peoples for medicinal purposes. Root beer was first sold in stores in the 1840s as a syrup that had to be mixed into a beverage. It is thought that this syrup was first mixed with soda water in the 1850s to create a similar drink to the one we enjoy today. Root beer no longer contains natural sassafras, but gets its flavor from artificial sassafras along with a variation of other herbs and flavorings including vanilla, wintergreen, licorice, sarsaparilla root, and molasses.

The taste of our root beer lollipops is sure to bring back the feeling of sitting on a stool at a soda shop counter with your best friends and a float in hand.

Orange Float

Our orange float soda shop pops mix refreshingly bubbly orange soda with creamy vanilla ice cream, bringing you an orange float in a lollipop. These suckers were created with the intention of bringing back the flavors of decadent soda shop drinks. The nostalgic feel of classic soda shops has been all but lost in a time where people drink soda directly out of a can. Our pops allow you to slow down and once again enjoy the magic that happens when ice cream is added to soda.

Strawberry Banana

Our strawberry banana lollipops bring back a classic soda shop flavor duo. Our all time favorite milkshake is strawberry banana so we had to include this timeless flavor in our soda shop pop collection. Our strawberry banana pops are specially designed to wrap one flavor around the other so you can taste the unique flavor of each fruit while enjoying them together.

Pineapple Coconut

Our pineapple coconut lollipops bring together the juicy taste of fresh pineapple with creamy coconut, and are as refreshing as the drink that inspired them. While creating this flavor we imagined sipping on tall glasses of frothy pina coladas on a hot summer day. There is just something about this combination of flavors that transports your mind to sandy beaches and palm trees, so relax and unwind with our pina colada lollipops.

Cherry Vannila

Our cherry vanilla lollipops bring together a rich, red cherry flavor with creamy vanilla. Think back to the classic soda shop drink with all the fixings: whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and a red and white striped straw, all served in a tall, fountain glass.