Halloween Lollipops – The Perfect Giveaway Candy

Change up your Halloween candy this year with a box of our Spooky Pops. These little suckers come in three deliciously spooky flavors: blood brains (watermelon), slime (green apple), and eyeballs (boo berry), and are packaged individually in Halloween themed wrappers. Whether you’re handing out candy from home, in a bank, or your office, we’ve got you covered.

Our five pound boxes come with about 300 pops and are the perfect size to fill your candy bowl and pass out to the neighborhood kids. Handing out lollipops, especially Halloween themed ones, provides trick or treaters with a special treat. Our lollipops add something unique to the mix of traditional Halloween candy kids get every year, and are sure to bring excitement throughout the neighborhood.

Spooky Pops are also a great way to spread a bit of Halloween spirit around your office or workplace. Fill a bowl in your breakroom or hand out pops around the office. Everyone loves candy, and getting one of our spooky pops is sure to brighten your coworkers' day.

Are you a bank or doctor’s office that normally hands out lollipops? Switch out your normal offering for our Spooky Pops this October. Grab a pumpkin basket, order a box or two of pops, and spread the Halloween spirit. Receiving one of our fun and delicious lollipops will bring smiles to your customers or patients of all ages.

We make one batch of Spooky Pops a year just for the Halloween season, so make sure to grab your box while supplies last.