Candy Creek Sugar Free Lollipops

So Good You Won’t Believe They’re Sugar Free

We take great pride in our sugar-free lollipops because we have provided our customers with a guilt-free sugarless option that does not compromise on taste. Our sugar-free suckers have a glycemic index of G2 and only 12 calories per pop. We offer a wide assortment of sugar-free flavors, in two different bulk carton sizes.

Our sugar-free recipe was carefully crafted to bring you delicious lollipops that taste like they’re made with real sugar and have a minimum effect on blood sugar. We chose to use isomalt for our sugar substitute for a variety of reasons. The first being that it tastes great! But also because it has just 5.7 grams of carbs per pop, does not promote tooth decay, originates from beet sugar, and has a shelf life twice as long as our regular pops. To make our sugarless pops even more delicious, we added sucralose, an artificial sweetener which mimics the sweetness of sugar and does not have an aftertaste like some artificial sweeteners. To learn more about our recipe visit our Sugar Free Lollipop Ingredients Page.

Our sugar-free lollipops are available in the following mouthwatering flavors:

Classic Fruit

Our sugar-free classic fruit assortment contains 8 classic fruit favorite: strawberry, watermelon, concord grape, blueberry blast, lemonaid, tangerine, red raspberry, and sour apple.

Fruit Zany

We took our 6 most popular fruit flavors and created these zany pops. Flavors include: blueberry blast, Persian lime, raspberry crush, wild raspberry, concord grape, and tangerine.

Peppermint Zany Canes

Our take on classic candy canes, these sugar-free pops bring back that refreshingly sweet peppermint flavor everyone loves, without the mess and broken candy. Enjoy these holiday favorites year round!

Fruit Oval Pops

Our sugar-free lollipops also come in our larger oval pop size. Choose from Classic Fruit and Fruit Zany oval pops in 4 lb. and 12 lb. cartons.

Many of our customers use our sugar-free pops to help them quit smoking. Having a sweet treat, specifically a lollipop, on hand can help curb cravings by replacing the physical motion of smoking a cigarette while also distracting your mind with the delicious flavor. Sugar-free pops are a great option for those looking to quit smoking because they will reduce your sugar intake and have a minimal effect on your blood sugar. For more information about using lollipops to help you quit smoking read our Quit Smoking with Lollipops blog post.

For our commercial customers, sugar-free lollipops are always a good option. Whether you’re buying pops for a fundraiser, parade, bank, or office, choosing sugar-free means everyone can enjoy our mouthwatering lollipops. They are an especially good option for doctors’ offices and dentists because our recipe does not promote tooth decay. All of our most popular flavors are available in a sugarless option, and your customers won’t know the difference.


"These are the BEST sugar-free lollipops I’ve ever had. Not only are the lollipops great, but their customer service is amazing. If I could give more stars, I would. I usually don’t like lemon or green lollipops and neither does my family, but let me just say that we were all blown away by them; the green apple and tangerine ended up being my favorite ones."
"Great treats for the grandbabies! They have no idea they are sugar free. My way of treating the kids without any guilt. The kids love all the flavors. Will definitely order again"
"These are great sugar free suckers/lollipops. They are a good size to have even for adults looking for a guilt free treat. They are small enough to carry in your pocket or purse but big enough to satisfy. I have not noticed any melting problems when in the pocket. They are sweet but not overly sweet that I have found with some sugar free stuff. They taste like they are have normal sugar in them. The flavors are a good variety each tasting different."
"I bought these for my daughter who has Autism and needed an alternative to all the sugar she was having in the regular ones. She loves these ones My son and I also enjoy them ”
"My husband is on a diet and craves a sweet during the day and the lollipops, being sugar free, fill the bill. He enjoys the variety of flavors and it has been a terrific diet aid. In addition, my son is a truck driver who smokes a lot and he takes a huge bag of the lollipops on the road with him to offset the desire for a cigarette. It has helped him cut back on the number of cigarettes he smokes daily. I have just ordered my second box of lollipops and I intend to continue to purchase them. I have looked all over to find a product that satisfies and is sugar free. Candy Creek is just what I was looking for.