Zany Cane Lollipops: The Candy Cane on a Stick

Candy Creek’s zany cane lollipops are a whole new take on candy canes. We’ve recreated the delicious candy cane flavor using sweet, fresh tasting peppermint so you can enjoy this classic holiday taste without the sticky fingers. Our lollipops are made with high-quality ingredients and sold in bulk at incredible prices with free shipping. The 18 pound box is our most popular size for businesses and parade / giveaways, and includes approximately 1050 lollipops for just $77.95!

Everyone loves a good candy cane around the holiday season, but no one likes sticky fingers. Our zany cane suckers take all the wonderful and festive aspects of candy canes, and eliminate the qualities everyone could live without. Lollipops are, of course, on a stick which means you won’t have to worry about getting sticky fingerprints on those important work papers. You also can relax, knowing your kids won’t smear their sticky hands all over the walls. In addition, our lollipops won’t break into pieces like candy canes so often do. Zany canes are the perfect sized treat to enjoy worry free.

Our lollipops are perfect for handing out to friends, coworkers, and students during the holiday season. Pair each little treat with a personalized note to show others how much you appreciate them. For teachers, zany canes make a festive reward for students and serve as a little extra motivation to get that math problem right. Our pops are also great for families looking for a holiday treat, and are available in a smaller 5 lb carton that is perfect for family gatherings and personal use.

Zany Canes are great for commercial customers looking to change up their candy selection for the holidays. In addition to our 5 pound boxes, we have an 18 pound box with approximately 1050 lollipops. For our business customers we offer a volume discount when you purchase 5 or more large cartons. Banks are among our top customers, and by simply changing their candy offering during the holidays, they are sure to make their customer’s smile. We also fill lots of zany cane orders for mall Santas, who love being able to offer something new, different, and exceptionally delicious.

Our customers love zany canes, and often come to us with stories about their holiday parties, parades, fundraisers and more. Read their reviews below.


"We love these lollipops! This is our third year to order these for the holiday season. Our customers at the bank love them and ask for them throughout the year. Thanks for such a good product."
“Lollipops were delicious and adorable. We used for promo handouts during a performance with my Holiday caroling company. These lollis were such a fun alternative to candy canes (that often break too easily) and were perfect for what we needed."
“These lollipops are insanely delicious! Perfect peppermint vs sugar ratio. Size is good for children and adults. Comes packaged with a personal note from heart of the president of the company. I added about half of the box to this jar so it looks cute as a decoration as well as a little something sweet! Nicely done!"