Lollipop Breath Mints: Peppermint & Wintergreen

Candy Creek offers two deliciously fresh minty flavored lollipops, peppermint zany canes and wintergreen zany canes. These pops are holiday favorites, but their classic tastes make them perfect to enjoy year round as well. Our minty pops are of course a mouthwatering treat, but they also double as breath fresheners. Indulge your sweet tooth and feel confident with minty fresh breath.

Bad breath is nobody’s friend, and can be especially troublesome if you regularly work with people or are very social. Bad breath occurs for a variety of reasons including: dry mouth, bacteria build up, and consuming certain strong foods like garlic or coffee. These causes are completely normal and affect everyone at some point. If you experience bad breath, it is nothing to feel bad about and can, in most cases, be easily fixed with a breath mint.

Breath mints deal with bad breath in two ways. First, they cover up the odor with a fresh, minty smell to provide immediate relief. Second, the action of sucking on and eating a mint, or lollipop, causes you to produce saliva. The saliva then is able to wash away the bacteria in your mouth and on your teeth and gums that is causing the odor in the first place, leaving your whole mouth refreshed. Lollipops are a great alternative to traditional breath mints because they are extra good at gently scraping odor-causing bacteria off your tongue, ensuring that your saliva is able to wash it all away.

Our peppermint and wintergreen lollipops are available in two carton sizes, a 5 lb carton with about 300 lollipops and an 18 lb carton with about 1050. The peppermint zany canes are also available in a delicious sugar-free option that is great for those who frequently use breath mints. Our sugarless suckers are so good you won’t know they’re sugar-free, and our carefully crafted recipe ensures they won’t melt in your pocket when you’re on the go.

Candy Creek is here to help make sure bad breath never gets in the way of your work or social life. Try our peppermint or wintergreen lollipops to freshen your breath. They make the perfect morning or afternoon treat and will ensure you don’t with into a meeting or social get-together with coffee or garlic breath. Try our sugar-free peppermint pops to indulge guilt-free.