Zany Cane Peppermint Lollipops

Go ahead, Get a little crazy with Zany Cane® peppermint lollipops.

We put candy cane candy in our lollipop machine and out came Zany Cane Lollipops! They're like a candy-cane but without the sticky fingers. Zany Cane Lollipops have a sweet and fresh peppermint taste that will transport you back to a time gone by.

"This is the one!"
Max G. 9 year old taste tester

You get about 60 delicious Zany Cane lollipops per pound. Zany Cane Peppermint lollipops are available all year long.




  1. Zany Cane Peppermint Lollipops, Bulk 18 lb. Carton
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