Candy Gram Fundraisers with Heart Lollipops

Candy gram fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your school, team, club, or other organization, and Candy Creek lollipops make the perfect candy gram candy. Our bulk pops are available at an incredible price and have an amazing profit margin when used for a fundraiser. To host a fundraiser everyone will love, make money, and spread happiness, buy a carton, or two, of Candy Creek lollipops.

Our heart lollipops are ideal for candy gram fundraisers. Their delicious strawberry cream flavor is sure to be a hit, and their marbled red and white color pattern is fun and festive. We make our heart suckers larger than our classic round lollipops with fundraisers in mind, so you can charge a little extra and the candy gram recipients get a little extra candy. Heart pops are available in two bulk sizes, a five pound box with about 130 pops and an eighteen pound box with about 470 pops. Below we have outlined the profit margins for each size option so you can choose the best one for your fundraiser.

To set up your candy gram fundraiser for success, follow these easy steps:

  • Leading up to your fundraiser, make sure to advertise. Create banners, make announcements over the intercom, and spread the word amongst your friends and classmates.
  • Create extra special candy gram cards. The cards that go along with the lollipops can relate to what you are fundraising for, or the time of year you are holding your fundraiser. If you’re raising money for your soccer team, create soccer ball cards. If you are holding a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, make grams that match the occasion. Our heart pops are, of course, perfect for Valentine’s Day, but are also great for year-round fundraisers.
  • Set up a table during lunch, free period, and before and after school to sell your candy grams. Set the price at $1 each, giving you an incredible profit margin, and encouraging students to participate.
  • Have students write a personalized message on each candy gram, as well as the recipient’s name and their homeroom, so you know where to deliver it to.
  • Have fun! Showing your enthusiasm about whatever it is you are fundraising for will encourage others to participate. Plus, you’re selling candy, who wouldn’t be excited!


"I bought these for a school fundraiser, and I’m so glad I chose Candy Creek over all the other retailers! They are delicious and were such a great price for the bundle! Our fundraiser has been such a huge success! Thanks Candy Creek! I’ll be sure to order from your company the next time I need something sweet for a fundraiser :-)"
"These worked perfectly for our PTO’s valentine’s day candy grams. They were not too small or too big! Great find!"
"Ordered these suckers for a Valentine’s Candy Gram for the High School Club that I am Advisor. OUR STUDENTS LIVED THIS HIGH QUALITY ITEM!!!! Thank you so much! Very tasty and delivered expediently!"